CSR – Ashok Textile Mills


Sustainable water resource

Corporate social responsibility

We have excavated a lake in Erumapatti in Namakkal district to improve the water resources in and around the area. The lake is formed on 7.25 acres land, 29357 sq. meters area and 771 meters of perimeter with a depth of 15 feet. The lake has the water capacity of 90126 Cubic meters, which is equivalent to 90125990 Litres. The water in the lake is used to irrigate the agricultural land and also for fishing, swimming and recreational activities. The lake also serves as a source of drinking water for the local population. The lake also helps in conserving the biodiversity and providing a habitat for various species of aquatic animals and birds. The underground water level also has increased drastically due to this lake.

This project has been a great success in providing a sustainable water resource in the area and improving the quality of life of the local population.